We will allow a lot of things, but we will not tolerate anything listed below:

  1. Spamming just to annoy somebody, jokingly doing it is fine.
  2. Blatantly insulting someone over and over again. To be specific, using slurs and/or insulting someone's beliefs or hobbies for no reason.
  3. Not stopping when somebody tells you to stop over and over again.
  4. Being a total dick to the admins on purpose. We are understanding and willing to help out with any issues you may have as long as you are reasonable and mature about it.
  5. Roleplaying: this is not a RPing wiki, take it somewhere else. Role playing is pretending to commit an action or be a character, fictional or otherwise. If you're not in drama class try not to role play.
  6. Socking/Creating multiple accounts. One account is enough. If you are caught attempting to evade a ban or make multiple accounts to vandalize/troll you face the risk of being permabanned! Dun dun dunnn!
  7. Do NOT post screamers. I will cut you.

Wikia Universal Laws (Terms of Usage)

Follow these, as they are super-duper important to not getting IP banned for the rest of your miserable life.

Terms of Use

Doing any of these will result in a kick or a ban depending on what the admin thinks and what the severity of the situation calls for.

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